Emirates Steel is the largest producer of jumbo and heavy sections in the Middle East.

Medium, heavy and jumbo sections are long steel products used in the construction sector and also in the production of structures for industrial and engineering applications. In the UAE, the industrial followed by non-residential construction sectors are the dominant sources of demand for such products, including high-teach office and hotel constructions and lower technology warehouse structures. Medium, heavy and jumbo sections are also used in many other structures for the oil & gas, electrical transmission and petrochemical industries.

UK CARES has approved Emirates Steel's structural steel products for the CE Mark or the European Safety Certification. The CE Mark is a mandatory safety certification standard that indicates products and manufacturers' capability to meet certain certification requirements. The certification is classified into several categories, including the Construction Products Directive, PED and MED.

Emirates Steel has the capacity to produce a wide range of structural sections from approximately 200 to 1,036 millimeters in depth, including jumbo sections.

Up till now, the company's Heavy Sections Mill has been producing parallel-flange beams, columns and bearing piles with up to 1,036 millimeter web depth and 419 flange widths and parallel flange channels up to 430 millimeter depth. This structural steel is produced according to norms EN, BS, W & JIS against grades S275JR, S355JR/JO/J2, ASTM A572 G50 and A992. The company is also developing its own bespoke sheet piling designs, which will be manufactured in grades meeting the EN S355 GP, S390 GP and S430 GP standards.

For more details on our structural steel and sheet piles products, please click on the below for downloadable pdf file:

"We are the largest producer of jumbo and heavy sections in the Middle East"