Emirates Steel is a leading producer of hot rolled reinforcing bars (rebar). Rebar is a long steel product used exclusively in civil engineering and building projects to provide tensile strength to concrete.It is typically produced as a deformed round, either in straight lengths or in coil. Deformed rounds have ridges or notches to provide greater adherence to the concrete.

The Company's rebar is regarded as a premium quality product due to the sourcing of premium quality iron ore, the state-of-the-art assets used in the manufacturing process and the implementation of internal quality control procedures. Annual production capacity is 1.8 Million tons.

In 2010, Emirates Steel was awarded certification to manufacture Grade B500B rebar and coil, in addition to Grade 460B. And in 2013, the Company added 40mm rebar to its existing range of 8mm to 32mm rebar. With the addition of the 40mm size, the rebar range is now complete.

To produce and supply products to companies involved in nuclear activities, Emirates Steel was awarded in 2012 a Quality System Certificate (QSC) as a Material Organization (MO) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the manufacture of rebar. The Company is the fourth rebar manufacturer worldwide to be awarded this certificate and the first in the GCC. Emirates Steel's NQS was developed to supply products to nuclear projects and will be activated only for nuclear orders. It is based on ASME NCA 3800 requirements with products complying with ASTM A615 Gr 60 and ASME CC 2300.

In 2011, Emirates Steel gained the UK CARES Sustainable Reinforcing Steel certification for the production of continuously cast steel billets and carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete. Back then, the Company was the first steel maker in the GCC region to attain such independent accreditation.

"Our rebar is regarded as a premium quality product due to the sourcing of premium quality iron ore"