Emirates Steel is implementing a comprehensive business development plan in three phases. Once complete, the Company will be one of the largest and most competitive vertically integrated steel producers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

The Company is evolving from its roots of being a simple and relatively low value-added processor of steel into a sophisticated, highly productive manufacturing business with a high added value business model. Furthermore, it will be among the few regional steel producers with a diversified product range, including rebar in straight and coil form, wire rod, sections, hot rolled coil and semi-finished products, such as billets and direct reduced iron.

With a view to achieve the strategic ambitions set by SENAAT and the Government of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel has initiated an expansion program based on a phased approach. In January 2006, the Company launched its Phase 1 expansion program, followed by Phase 2A in February 2008 and Phase 2B in November 2009.

Phase 1 was successfully completed in June 2009; Phase 2A in 2011, and Phase 2B in January 2012. Further expansion in the future could involve the production of hot rolled coil.