The continuous investment made by the company into its operations ensures that Emirates Steel is able to constantly adhere to its core values, amongst which are its desires to improve product and service quality, increase safety for its workers and customers, and reduce its environmental footprint.

As part of our commitment to consistently deliver high quality products, our finished goods are available for dispatch only after inspection, testing and classification by our Technical Services Department. Further to this, the company’s highly qualified personnel man our own laboratory and inspection facilities in which all testing, inspection and monitoring procedures are carried out to international standards. Upon the successful conclusion of the inspection and testing process Emirates Steel’s finished products are awarded test certificates which go to our customers.

With such a comprehensive system in place it would come as little surprise for one to find the walls of our offices adorned with countless certification awards and documents. In 2010, we were awarded the certification to manufacture Grade B500B rebar and coil conforming to BS 4449:2005 by the UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (CARES). Full tests have been carried out to demonstrate compliance with CARES performance requirements with the company`s products tested on a continuous basis to ensure on-going compliance with the tolerance levels of this quality approval certification.